Marktplatz/ Marketplace To buy and to sale of any equipment you can publish in this forum. News Exhibitions, coures, tips you can publish here in this forum. Non profit As this is a non-profit project which is maintained on a voluntary basis, donations and help are, of course, very welcome. Thanks to Ulrike Koch for translation into English. international platform The Printmaking Network is an international platform for graphical workshops, fine art printers with or without own workshop, associations of graphical artists and other interessted persons. Using is for free. aim The aim is to offer a forum providing all relevant information and to further marketing of fine art prints. The Printmaking Network started in 1997 as a networking platform. To this aim Gerten Goldbeck, artist and fine art printer published a donation-financed circular letter, first sent out by post, later by e-mail. Thereafter it appeared on a irregular basis in German and English, addressing itself to nearly 300 graphical and fine art printing workshops and artists worldwide. A fine art printmaking fair - or rather Salon for original graphical art with many interisting encounters and exhibitors - first took place in 2001 in the Municipal Galery in Bremen, followed by shows in 2002 and 2004 in Museum of Labor in Hamburg and 9n 2008 in the Rhenania House of Arts in Cologne. In 2008 Gerten Goldbeck transferrd the organization of the Network to the hands of the Neuhäuser Kunstmühle in Salzburg which wanted to continue it. They end it in 2015. In order to keep the Netzwork alive, Gerten Goldbeck the threads with this homepage. We have got two forums now, so we do not need the newsletters anylonger. Please use them for your information.  English version on the right side! Erstellt mit MAGIX